When does the Aftermarket event end in Apex Legends?

Get in while the event is still fresh.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

Each Apex Legends event aims to best the one before it. As fun as September Soiree was, the next event in the line is already here, and the Aftermarket event went live on Oct. 6.

Aside from carrying all the characteristics of a regular Apex collection event, Aftermarket hit the live servers with a new limited-time game mode, many balance changes, and beautiful new cosmetics that each collector will want in their collections.

The limited-time game mode, Flashpoint, looks like it’ll be shaking up the gunplay that players are used to since there won’t be any healing items spawning throughout the map. The primary way to heal in Flashpoint games will be rotating to the marked areas on the map and use the restorative bubbles to refuel. Staying inside these areas of interest will let your regenerate your shield alongside your health as well, meaning almost everyone in the lobby will be aiming to take over one of these spots.

Expect a lot of zone-defending and advancing if you decide to try out the new game mode, and don’t forget to invite your friends that you haven’t been able to squad up because they played on different platforms. The start of the Aftermarket event also marks the first stage of the Crossplay beta, which has been long overdue considering the platforms Apex is available on.

The crossplay feature is enabled by default for everyone, but players can opt-out of the feature at any time through the settings menu. Turning it off may result in longer queue times, however, since most players will likely keep it activated.

Console players will face off against other console players regardless of the platform, but the matchmaking criteria shifts if a console player parties up with a PC player. The squad will enter a PC-console hybrid lobby even if one of the players is on a console. Considering doing it the other way around would force a PC player into a console lobby, this will b the best way to ensure fair-play among all platforms.

When will Apex’s Aftermarket event end?

The Aftermarket event is set to go on for 14 days, meaning it will wrap up on Oct. 20, just in time for Halloween.

While the developer hasn’t released any details regarding the Halloween event, their track record suggests that it should be right after the Aftermarket concludes.

This article will be updated if Respawn makes any changes to Aftermarket’s end-date.