When does Newcastle release in Apex Legends?

The hero of Harris Valley is on his way.

Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment

The 13th season of Apex Legends, titled Saviors, is right around the corner and brings with it a new legend known as Newcastle. Newcastle is a defensive powerhouse, equipped with the ability to dive into the heat of battle and protect allies with shields of all shapes and sizes. His more aggressive style of play gives players more used to the speed of offensive legends a home amongst the more fortified legends.

Newcastle’s knightly disposition may make for a heroic figure back in his hometown of Harris Valley on Solace, but the new legend holds back dark secrets that will unfurl as the season progresses. Newcastle’s real name is Jackson Williams, and he’s an IMC deserter on top of being Bangalore’s long-presumed-dead older brother. Bangalore was quick to discover the truth, but whether he can keep his identity safely hidden from other prying eyes remains to be seen.

On the gameplay side, his kit blends mobility with defense. The shields he deploys can be countered and destroyed, but they benefit from versatility. He can move and shield allies while reviving them, summon drones that generate a portable, mobile shield and even leap to a target area to deploy vast fortifications in a sticky situation.

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With a unique kit and an alluring backstory, some fans are already counting down to play the new legend. And luckily for them, it’s not a long wait.

When does Newcastle release in Apex Legends?

Newcastle will come out on day one of Apex Legends‘ season 13, on May 10, but he isn’t the only addition in the new season.

Newcastle will enter the Apex Games after a large sea monster attacked Storm Point. While the creature was defeated by the legends, its carcass remains sprawled out on the map as a new POI between The Mill and North Pad. Designed as a high-tier loot location, the hope is to make the northwest side of Storm Point a more enticing option for landings and rotations.

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The creature’s attack also unearthed a series of ancient IMC armories previously buried and forgotten, each containing loot and a robotic infantry security force. Defeating waves of these PvE enemies will award players with portions of the locked loot, with the number of waves beaten directly impacting the quality of the loot they find.