When does Loba release in Apex Legends Mobile?

Loba is coming to Apex Legends Mobile as part of the Cold Snap update.

Loba stands in front of the Climatizer POI on World's Edge.
Image via Respawn

Less than a month from release, Apex Legends Mobile is already getting its first post-launch character. The Translocating Thief Loba, famous for both her beauty and her skills as a pickpocket, is joining the fight on mobile. While Fade was a new face in the Apex Games, Loba will be familiar to those who’ve played the console and PC version of Apex Legends.

Loba is coming to Apex Legends Mobile as part of the Cold Snap update, which brings the Climatizer town takeover to World’s Edge, a new battle pass with frosty rewards, a new limited-time mode, and more. Anyone who plays Loba knows she’s not afraid to get her hands dirty in the pursuit of all that loot, and mobile fans will be able to do the same once she launches.

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When does Loba launch in Apex Mobile?

Loba will be available in Apex Legends Mobile on Thursday, June 16. While the Cold Snap event is already live as of June 14, Loba won’t arrive for another two days. When she does launch in the mobile game, however, she can be earned on the battle pass at level 25 or purchased in the in-game store. She is the mobile game’s first post-launch legend, and she brings the roster up to 12 total playable characters.

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In the meantime, players can check out the new battle pass and earn some chilly skins, try out the new Shotguns and Snipers limited-time mode, or explore the Climatizer and find some frosted loot boxes. All of these updates are still part of season one of Apex Legends Mobile, meaning there will be plenty of additional seasons and content for the game in the future.