When does Apex’s Fight or Fright event begin?

Get ready for three full weeks of Halloween fun.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

After a week full of leaks, Respawn officially revealed the Halloween-themed Fight or Fright event coming to Apex Legends. The event will introduce a slew of exclusive cosmetics and a new zombie-themed solo mode to get fans of the battle royale in the spooky holiday spirit.

The event will feature the new Shadowfall game mode in which 35 players will return to Kings Canyon for a solos match. But players won’t actually die in this game mode—instead, they’ll respawn via skydive as a part of the “Shadow Squad,” the army of the undead. When 10 players are left “alive,” the remaining legends will need to team up to fight their way through the horde of zombies to escape on an aircraft.

In between Shadowfall matches, players can complete missions and earn event-exclusive cosmetics. There are 24 items to collect, including legend skins and weapon charms. If players collect all 24 items, they’ll automatically earn Lifeline’s Heirloom melee skin. For this event, players will be able to unlock the Halloween-themed items through crafting, Event Apex Packs, and from the event store.

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The Halloween fun begins Oct. 15. Fans will have a full three weeks to try out the Shadowfall game mode and complete missions before the Fight or Fright Collection ends on Nov. 5. Once the event wraps up, the event items will be stored away in the vault but may return in a later event.