When does Apex Legends season 10’s ranked split 2 end?

Players still have time to become an Apex Predator since they can pick back up from they left off.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

Even though Apex Legends’ season 10 ranked split one has ended, there’s still time for you to become an Apex Predator in split two. 

Apex’s ranked split two for season 10 started on Sept. 28, right after the first split came to a close. 

The second split brought several changes, similar to the first split. As usual when Respawn Entertainment wants to keep things fresh, the map will change. As a part of Apex season 10, ranked split two is going to take place on Kings Canyon. 

That’s not all, though. In the downtime between the splits, Respawn implemented a “soft reset” to everyone’s rank. This was meant to keep things fresh and incentivize players to continue grinding the game until the end of season 10’s ranked period. 

This meant that everyone was set back by 1.5 ranked tiers. So if you ended the first ranked split at Gold I, then you’ll begin the second ranked split at Silver III. Although this isn’t favored by many players, it’s a way for Respawn to have players constantly wanting to improve and be a part of the game.

When does Apex’s ranked split two end?

Apex’s ranked split two for season 10 started on Sept. 28 following the close of ranked split one. With downtime in between, players were able to quickly pick back up from where they left off in the first split. 

With its first split being delayed, the second split of season 10 will be one week shorter, meaning it will end on Nov. 2.