Valkyrie player gets booted out of the ring by a drop ship in Apex Legends

Flying the not-so-friendly skies.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

Since Valkyrie’s introduction to Apex Legends, players have had to be mindful of flying objects. Usually, those flying object are enemy Valkyries and their teammates. In this case, however, it’s the flying Valk that needs to worry about something else clogging up the airways.

An Apex posted this unfortunate gameplay clip to Reddit, where they are playing as a long Valkyrie in ranked, just trying to survive in a harsh world where both their teammates are dead and gone. With a good amount of distance to cover before they reach the safety of the next ring and having noticed a team nearby respawning squad members, they made the sensible decision to use Valkyrie’s ultimate to get the heck out of there. Good decision, right?

Not so much. As the drop ship respawning enemies began to leave the map, its trajectory took it directly into the path of the player’s flight path, subsequently launching the Valkyrie into unfriendly confines outside the ring. Unable to course correct, there’s little left to do but slowly die, high in the sky.

While players have managed to land on top of drop ships in the midst of respawning before, this might be the first recorded instance of a drop ship hitting a player in the midst of leaving the map. Not only is the ship still an object that players can collide with while it’s still fully visible, but its speed in disappearing from the map can also be transferred to players it comes into contact with.

All of that probably isn’t the most useful information, considering the extremely low probability of this happening in any given game.