Valkyrie gives her father a eulogy in latest Apex radio play

And it's a tear jerker.

Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment

The loss of Valkyrie’s father was one of the most defining moments of her life. And after years of waiting and not knowing, she was finally able to give him a proper eulogy, as seen in a new Apex Legends radio play.

In the short video released today, Valkyrie tells her late father that she’s letting go of her grudge against Blisk and joining the Apex Games.

Valkyrie confesses that her grudge against Blisk made her lose track of “a few things” as she grew up. “Like figure out who I was. What I wanted.” So instead of continuing to chase her father’s legacy, Kairi wants to devote her life to herself and join the Apex Games.

“I know what I want now. What I always wanted,” she says. “To be like you, dad. No. To be better than you. Not because it’s your dream… because it’s mine. I want to… I want to fly.”

Valkyrie also apologizes for taking too long to recover Viper’s remains. “I’m sorry you were floating out there as long as you were, but your boss forgot to tell us what happened, so we didn’t know,” she said.

Kairi previously addressed what happened to Viper’s remains on a season nine loading screen, when Valkyrie admits that she considered leaving him on the moon on Typhon but changed her mind and decided to give him a proper funeral. Blisk withholding that information from her might have helped fuel her grudge against the Apex Games commissioner.

She ends her eulogy with one of Viper’s signature quotes: “Mom and I miss you, but we’re doing OK,” she tells him. “No… we’re better than OK. We’re five by five.”