Twitch streamer Apryze becomes first PC player to hit 100,000 kills in Apex Legends

The Wraith main boasts an astounding 9.08 KDA.

Apex Legends trick
Image via Respawn Entertainment

One PC player made Apex Legends history yesterday.

Twitch streamer Apryze became the first PC player to hit 100,000 kills in Respawn’s battle royale, according to The streamer accomplished the feat during his Twitch broadcast yesterday and has over 94,000 of those kills on Wraith.

“Chat, we fucking did it,” Apryze said.

To achieve the milestone, Apryze played over 15,000 games, winning 5,000 of them. What’s even more impressive is that the Wraith main was able to maintain a kill-death ratio of 9.08 during his journey to No. 1 on PC. And the streamer is clearly a top-tier player, having climbed the competitive ladder to Apex predator in ranked seasons one and two.

The streamer has a multitude of first-person shooter experience, having played Counter-Strike, Call of Duty, and Fortnite before switching over to Respawn’s title.

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Though Apryze might’ve been the first PC player to hit 100,000 kills, Xbox One player termk47 broke through the six-digit mark earlier and now has over 110,000 kills.

Fans eager to catch Apryze stream can tune into his Twitch channel, where he’s now live.