TSM Noko gets 4K damage with every Apex character in one stream

A new contender for "King of No Sleep" emerges.

Photo via Nokokopuffs

Content creation in Apex Legends can be deceptively difficult. The game lends itself easily to streaming and videos with natural pauses in action, allowing personalities to talk and goof off, punctuated by high-intensity bursts of combat. Coming up with original ideas for content more than three years into the game, however, is much more challenging. Firing up the stream and just playing ranked is always an option, but the truly dedicated players out there are always looking for something new to show their viewers.

Enter TSM’s Christian “Noko” Feliciano, or the artist formerly known as Nokokopuffs. Noko came up with an idea as simple as it is challenging to attempt: play a bunch of non-ranked battle royale matches as a solo and try to get a 4,000 damage game.

On every character. In one stream.


The one-stream challenge has seen a few different spins on it ever since Timmy “iiTzTimmy” An went viral with his solo Bronze-to-Predator in one stream challenge. Noko’s self-imposed challenge might not have been quite as difficult as Timmy’s 54-hour marathon (which Noko himself participated in, as several pros and streamers began solo-queuing into Apex to try to help Timmy finally go to sleep). Still, playing any game for 24 hours is harrowing, to say the least. And the fact that anyone still had the mental capacity and stamina to record a 4,000-damage game at the end of a full day of playing Apex is its own stunning feat; playing anything for 24 hours isn’t recommended by any doctor or sane person.

Other content creators were quick to congratulate Noko, including popular YouTuber The Gaming Merchant, who put the challenge into perspective.


Noko is still out to prove he’s more than just an Apex content creator. The former CLG pro recently announced his return to pro play for the Apex Legends Global Series Challengers Circuit, forming a new team with former eRa Eternity member Marco “Stuhni” Paramo and former SXG member Xednim, both of whom played in Split One of ALGS Pro League.


All in all, it was a busy week for Noko. Let’s just hope he found some time to sleep between practicing with his new team and that 24-hour stream.