The top 3 characters to play in Apex Legends Shadowfall mode

These legends will help you survive against the massive horde of the Shadow Squad.

Screengrab via PlayApex

The Apex Legends Fight or Fright Event introduced tons of terrifying new content for the Halloween season—including the limited-time Shadowfall mode.

Shadowfall pits 35 players in an eerily-lit Kings Canyon, where it’s every legend for themselves. Once players are eliminated, however, they return as an undead member of the Shadow Squad. The final 10 players remaining are put on the same team and forced to work together to escape on an evacuation ship. With such a unique game mode, certain legends are bound to be more effective than others.

Here are the three best characters to achieve victory in Apex Shadowfall mode.


Image via Respawn Entertainment

The lovable robot’s mobility is a huge asset for escaping the pack of Shadow Squad breathing down your neck. While the undead get increased movement speed, they can only melee attack. Using Pathfinder’s zipline, players can escape any immediate danger by grabbing the high ground. From there, the android can pick off the zombies one-by-one.

Pathfinder also proves useful for getting a team to the evac ship. A well-placed zipline can take all 10 of your teammates for a one-way trip to survival.


Image via Respawn Entertainment

Speed is key in escaping the hordes of Shadow Squad. With Octane being the only legend that can win a race against the undead, he’s definitely a go-to pick.

An interesting strategy with Octane might be to jump pad onto high ground and mow down any Shadow Squad you see. And if any stragglers make their way to your position, use your Stim tactical ability, close your eyes, and run like you’ve never run before.


Image via Respawn Entertainment

It’s about time the Toxic Trapper had a shot at the limelight. 

Shadow Squad members have limited health pools and no shields, which means they fall quickly to Caustic’s gas traps. Pinning yourself in an enclosed area with traps galore would help keep any unwanted, and undead, guests away. And the Fortified buff, which reduces the amount of damage Caustic takes by 15 percent, allows him to take a couple more melee attacks than other characters.

Though Caustic lacks mobility in getting to the evac ship, the popularity of Pathfinder’s in the game mode could remedy that problem.

Shadowfall mode is limited-time only, and will likely end with the Fight or Fright Event on Nov. 5.