The Broken Ghost: The fifth chapter in Apex Legends’ season quest is live

And it could broaden the rift between Bangalore and Loba.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

The fifth chapter in Apex Legends’ season quest is live and a new hunt came alongside it. Players must face The Gauntlet to retrieve a piece of a mysterious artifact before unlocking the new story chapter, The Lying Liar.

The last chapter in the story recounts Lifeline’s search for Octane. The Adrenaline Junkie decided to dive solo into Kings Canyon at Night after the legends assigned him the mission of going out on a date with a source—and Lifeline believes he is in danger.

Lifeline takes the role of intel-gathering for herself and ends up kidnapping the source, a Hammond Robotics employee named Yoko. She gives out the details of a meeting between Loba and Cheryl Amacci, the head of Hammond’s legal department.

Bangalore uses the newly-recovered information to confront Loba in front of the other legends. The Sergeant will reveal “the real reason” why Loba drafted the competitors and “it’s got nothing to do with treasure.” The story cuts out after that argument, however, since Lifeline doesn’t stick around to hear it.

The Lying Liar could expose Loba’s real intentions and motives for gathering up all the legends. Her meeting with Amacci relates to Revenant’s “source code,” the reason why she broke into the secret facility in the first place. The pieces of the artifact also may relate to Hammond Robotics’ area of expertise since they appear to form a synthetic being based on the descriptions of each piece. The Retinal Array means that whatever they’re building has eyes and the Occipital Hub holds its motor subprocessing.

To unlock each hunt, players must find five treasure packs for a total of 45. The packs are scattered in supply bins in both Kings Canyon and World’s Edge, but players can only recover one per day. After completing the hunt, players get a weapon charm, more information on each piece, and the story chapter.