The Broken Ghost Quest: Apex Legends’ hunt for the third chapter explained

Here's how to get another piece of the artifact.

Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment

The third hunt in Apex Legends’ The Broken Ghost season quest is here and it gives players a throwback to the Shadowfall limited-time mode. Outside of Kings Canyon, the story chapter recounts what happened after last week’s cliffhanger.

The Liberated Narc kicks off after Revenant’s surprise appearance in the story and comes from Octane’s point of view after his disastrous date with a Hammond Robotics employee named Yoko. The hunt, on the other hand, has players recover an artifact from a Prowler-infested Water Treatment in a nighttime version of Kings Canyon.

Here’s everything you need to know about the hunt for the third piece.

The hunt: Enter the Revenants

Players who want a taste of the Shadowfall limited-time mode will get their fix in the early stages of this hunt. Enter the Revenants begins with players in Shadow form, unable to shoot or use their skills but with increased mobility and enhanced melee attacks.

Like the previous hunts, legends must enter the Shadowfall dimension to recover a piece of the artifact. The Revenant from that universe, however, takes his gamemaster persona and traps players in shadow form until they destroy six of his totems scattered around the outskirts of Water Treament.

There isn’t much of a mystery to this part of the hunt. It’s all about breaking the totems without getting swept away by Prowlers. Your health recharges after destroying each totem, so if you’re low on health, just look for one of the objectives.

After all six totems are destroyed, legends can go back to using their abilities and weapons. The mission’s loadout contains a Mastiff and a Hemlok with a 2x-4x scope, but more weapons are scattered close to the objective. Unlike the previous hunts, there are no body shields scattered around, so shield-swapping to save healing items won’t work in this mission.

The digging spot is in the center of one of the buildings in Water Treatment. The miniaturized harvester sits in the lower level, but players can climb up or down through the rope in the area. The building houses a true arsenal of weapons. Fully-kitted versions of an R-99, Prowler, Devotion, and Spitfire are located in the nearby corridors, complete with the necessary hop-ups and digital threat sights.

Players have to survive the assault from the Prowlers until the digging is over. While it’s definitely possible for legends to move around, the narrow corridors provide a way to tunnel enemies in one direction. Camping out in a corridor with any of the fully-kitted weapons allows players to spray any enemy that comes in from the entrance. But keep an eye out on your six. Prowlers are highly mobile, ferocious creatures that can sneak up on you. Regardless of your strategy, the creatures have a short landing animation, but it’s enough to safely gun them down if you’re in the right position.

After the device is done digging, players must reach the dropship, located over 100 meters to the west. A single, well-placed toss of Loba’s translocator or Pathfinder’s zipline will allow you to reach the dropship unscathed, but most of the other legends will have to find their own means of transportation.

The story: The Liberated Narc

The story picks up from Octane’s point of view. Apex‘s Adrenaline Junkie is saying how everything needs to slow down—a first for him—and he’ll deny that there’s such a thing as “too fast” for him. Revenant confronts Loba and reveals that a “little birdie” fed him information about the legends’ plans and whereabouts. “Looks like there’s a mole in your clubhouse, Loba,” he says, referring to the Prologue of the quest.

The confrontation gets intense, with Revenant and Loba staring each other down and the simulacrum threatening the thief. The legends are outgunned, with only Wraith’s Kunai and Loba’s P2020 at hand. But Bangalore, Gibraltar, and Bloodhound come in with some firepower to even things out. The trio emerges out of a Wraith portal, guns in hand and ready to smoke Revenant, who uses his totem to disappear.

Loba is appalled by the prospect of one of the legends being a snitch. “The Sim likes to lurk. He could have heard any of us talking about the missions,” Bangalore retorts. “Doesn’t mean anyone is a spy.” “Sounds like something the spy would say to throw us off track,” Crypto responds.

Bangalore has a mission debriefing with Octane after most of the legends leave. After all, Octane was on a date, which went horribly for a date but had positive results as an intel-gathering operation. Bangalore commanded Octane to go back to the date and get more proof on Loba, much to his displeasure.

“I didn’t sign up to be a narc,” the Adrenaline Junkie says. “It’s time to get back to basics. Jump first, think later.”

Octane decides to jump back into the Shadowfall dimension and vows not to come out until he’s gathered the remaining pieces of the artifact. The chapter ends with an ominous rhetorical question: “What could possibly go wrong?”

The next chapter is called The Impromptu Kidnapper—and judging by that name, a lot can possibly go wrong during Octane’s incursion.

The piece: Gemini-CC

The third piece of the artifact is the Gemini-CC core and it’s a direct fit with the first hunt. The Gemini-CC fits into the first piece, the Gemini-XG, to create two connected cores. The in-game description for the XG core says it’s “responsible for higher functions and memory” and “one of two critical process units,” intertwined with the CC in a twin configuration.

The two cores combine with the Occipital Hub to form a structure. The Hub is the “physical and logical connection center for the entire assembly” and delivered power to the two cores. The ensemble appears to be taking shape, with the three artifacts forming a possible head-like shape. The Hub’s positioning resembles a neck, while the twin Gemini cores positioned above it could serve as a head.

Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment

Whatever they’re building has “higher functions and memory,” as evidenced by the Gemini-XG’s description, and has a “motor subprocessing for locomotion” judging by the Occipital Hub. Whatever Loba is trying to piece together is probably animated and possibly even sentient. More details will surface as the season quest progresses.