The best weapon combos in Apex Legends

Here are some of the best one-two punches in the game.

Apex Legends Weapon Combo List
Image via Respawn Entertainment

Weapon combinations in battle royales are incredibly important, and Apex Legends is no exception. You can hold only two weapons at a time, so you must choose wisely if you want to become the Apex champion.

Though every player has a favorite weapon, you may not be able to get your hands on your preferred loadout every match. More often than not, you’ll have to salvage the best out of what you have, and getting to know all the weapons in the game and their strengths can make your life easier.

Each season of Apex introduces many gun changes, a new battle pass, and sometimes new weapons, which play a massive role in shaping the best loadouts you can find in the game.

In this weapons guide, we’ll run through some of the best combinations to help you take down your foes.

R-301 Carbine and R-99

You could certainly imagine what can happen when you combine two of the best weapons in Apex’s fifth season. 

Though the setup lacks long-range coverage, you can make up for it by attaching a 4x scope. The R-301 is the assault rifle to have for mid-range skirmishes, and you’ll have a powerful sub-machine gun (SMG) ready to destroy your enemies in the R-99.

The only problem of this setup is that it runs heavy on Light rounds. If finding Light rounds ends up being an issue, you can swap one or the other for another weapon from their respective classes.

Devotion and Peacekeeper

Thanks to the recent nerfs to Mastiff in season five, the Peacekeeper is back on the menu with some buffs.

Though the Peacekeeper itself will be enough to hold your own in any close-range fight, the Devotion’s high recoil can leave you at a slight disadvantage when it comes to long-range skirmishes. Pick your fights wisely with this combo since any enemy that decides to run you down will be in a world of trouble. You’ll have enough firing power to gun them down as they’re closing the distance, and you can just pull out your Peacekeeper if they manage to get to you.

Both weapons can only be found through crates, so if you find both of them together in a single match, you may have used all your luck in life in a game of Apex. Hold onto this loadout no matter what, and you’ll be one step closer to becoming an Apex champion.

Kraber and R-99

If you prefer keeping your distance, then having a short-range weapon, like a shotgun or an SMG, can turn into a waste of a gun slot. An assault rifle will be enough for all your close to medium-range needs, while you’ll be able to wreak havoc with a Kraber from the safety of your cover.

Since the Kraber can only be found through crates, you can also use a Longbow or a Sentinel to make-up for its absence. The general tactic with this loadout is trying to land a shot with your sniper rifle and following it up with your R-99. Keeping a 4x scope can also come in handy for this process, and you can swap it out later once the circle gets small enough.

R-301 Carbine and Mastiff

Combining an assault rifle with a shotgun is one of the better strategies you can do when you’re in doubt. The R-301 has a proven track record for both accuracy and damage, while the Mastiff is still a solid contender for the top shotgun spot despite the nerfs.

The loadout also helps you in the ammunition since the R-301 and the Mastiff use different types of bullets. One way to improve this duo could be finding a Peacekeeper, a crate-only weapon as of season five.

A shotgun also gives you enough freedom to deck out the R-301 in any way you like, being suitable for long range or medium range.

R-99 and Wingman

Picking up a pistol can seem underwhelming as opposed to an assault rifle, but if that pistol is Wingman, then you won’t need to think twice.

The all-time favorite pistol found itself in the backlines after a couple of nerfs throughout 2019, but the buffs it received as of season five put it back on the map. Combining Wingman with the Skullpiercer Hop-Up turns it into a headshot machine for anyone with a decent aim.

You’ll be able to one-tap your enemies as long as you have a steady hand, while you can let it rip on anyone who dares to cross your path in a close-quarter setup with your R-99.

While you’ll have to think twice before peeking someone with a Kraber, this combo will surely get other players in the lobby nervous once you start racking up those headshots.

VK-47 Flatline and Longbow DMR

Every Apex player cherishes crate weapons, but getting them is definitely not an advisable strategy if you’re looking to place consistently high. 

The VK-47 Flatline and the Longbow DMR—both being the most potent weapons in their respective classes—make up a reasonably decent loadout to keep for the endgame.

While the VK-47’s high recoil can be hard to control, it actually deals more damage than the R-301 Carbine. Learning how to manage its recoil can turn the Flatline into the ace upon your sleeve. Landing a couple of shots with it should also be enough to secure close-range kills, leaving Longbow to do all your long-range work.

It’s significantly harder to land following shots with a Flatline due to its recoil, making the Longbow the best sniper rifle candidate with its high fire rate.

Though perfect loadouts exist, it doesn’t mean you should pursue having one throughout a game of Apex. The general rule of thumb is keeping two weapons that cover a different range. Having the two of the same weapon kind is mostly a waste, and you would lose out on the potential of covering more ground.