The best Caustic skins in Apex Legends

He might not smell good, but he looks great.

Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends‘ Caustic proves that even bad guys deserve good skins. The resident Outlands mad scientist and toxic gas enthusiast has plenty of great looks at his disposal, from silly holiday costumes to downright terrifying everyday getups. Because of the enthusiasm that Respawn has put into designing Caustic’s skins, it was incredibly difficult to pick just a few as our favorites.

Nonetheless, a couple stand out as his very best looks from across the battle royale’s history. Here are the best Caustic skins in Apex Legends.


Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment

How could we not start this list with Claustic? Caustic’s very best skin is also a fantastic play on words and a great way to celebrate the holiday season when it comes around. The skin originally launched during the very first Holo-Day Bash all the way back in Season 3, and it’s come back a few times since then in the shop and for other holiday events. If you see a Claustic out on the fields of battle, forget about getting coal in your stocking — you’re getting Nox gas instead.

Prince of Darkness

Caustic Prince of Darkness – Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment

Many of Caustic’s skins are royalty-themed, which makes sense: he sees himself as the king of the battlefield. Prince of Darkness is the very best of these themes, as it makes Caustic look regal without removing what makes him terrifying. It’s even a little bulkier than some of his other skins, making him all the more imposing. On the flip side, the skin’s red-and-black color theme and thick pants call to mind his gas traps, which is pretty funny. This skin was a reward on Season 2’s battle pass, making it one of the rarest Caustic outfits out there.


Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment

Besides the royalty theme, many of Caustic’s other skins are pop culture references or cosplays. Gas Buster, a parody of Ghostbusters, falls into that category. The imagery is familiar while still being distinctly Apex-themed thanks to the arm patch and the red accents on the arms, tunic, and pants. This skin arrived as part of Season 5’s Lost Treasures event, so it’s also a little tricky to find these days.

Divine Right

Caustic Divine Right – Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment

Unlike the other skins on this list, Divine Right isn’t exclusive to an event or a specific season’s battle pass — it’s always available as a purchasable legendary skin for 1,200 crafting metals. It removes some of Caustic’s usual bulk and trades his dark color palette for something a little more… angelic? It makes him stand out much more on the battlefield, which is useful for striking fear into the hearts of your enemies as they see you running toward them.


Caustic Necrosis – Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment

Ever wondered what Caustic would look like as a simulacrum like Revenant and Ash? Necrosis has the answer. The skin turns the Outlands’ gas purveyor into a terrifyingly efficient killer with a sickly green-and-chrome color scheme and dramatic shoulder pads. Necrosis was released during the System Override collection event in Season 4, so it’s been around for a good while.