Stability issues continue in Apex with pro league qualifiers looming

Respawn continues to work on fixes while lag, bugs, and crashes remain common.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

Many players continue to experience problems with Apex Legends despite the release of a patch on Monday, Sept. 20 that was meant to address ongoing stability issues.

Ryan K. Rigney, Respawn’s director of communications, conducted a Twitter poll on the effectiveness of the patch after it went live early this week. Over 40 percent of more than 10,000 respondents to the poll reported that the implemented fixes either hadn’t affected their games at all or that it made them worse. 

The majority responded that their games felt a little bit better than before, while a scant 15 percent said they’d seen a big improvement.

Another patch on Wednesday, Sept. 22 is planned to further address crashes and lag. “Fingers crossed the Wednesday patch addresses the majority of the remaining issues,” Rigney wrote on Twitter.

While it seems like the stability of ranked lobbies has improved somewhat as streamers have cautiously dipped their toes back into ranked play, the problems affecting Apex at the moment extend to private lobbies as well, which could impact upcoming tournaments.

Alliance’s John “Hakis” Håkansson told Dot Esports that today’s pro scrimmages between EU teams who received invites to the pro league were canceled after just one game due to the ongoing stability issues. 

If tomorrow’s patch doesn’t dramatically improve the situation, the tournaments scheduled for later this week and this weekend, like Twitch Rivals on Thursday, Sept. 23, and this weekend’s qualifiers for the pro league of this year’s Apex Legends Global Series (ALGS), may have to be postponed.