Solo Fuse player and his Knuckle Clusters beat team of 3 for a victory

The Explosives Enthusiast caused chaos during a doorway duel.

Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment

In Apex Legends, there are few situations more frightening than being outnumbered in the last fight for victory. A Fuse player found themself in just this situation. Backed into a corner, they tried to make a miracle happen. And they succeeded, as seen in a clip posted to Reddit.

It may have been a bit of luck. Perhaps the enemies got overzealous trying to get the last kill of the game. Or maybe they just underestimated the strength of Fuse’s Knuckle Clusters. No matter the reason, the result was an underdog win for the man from Salvo.

In the video, the ring was pulling towards Cenote Cave in Storm Point, and there were about 90 seconds left before Ring Four began to close. The match was bloody, with only two squads alive by that point. The Fuse player was teamed up with Lifeline and Ash, but both of them were out of the fight and Fuse was alone, without access to a respawn beacon. Scrambling to salvage this rough situation, he found himself staring out at a full squad hunting him down inside a small building.

This other squad consisted of Gibraltar, Octane, and Wraith. They sniffed out the Fuse and found him in a building on the edge of the Ring, with the circle closing just behind Fuse’s back. Realizing he had no other teammates, the opponents rushed in the door to claim what should have been an easy victory. 

As they pushed in, Fuse laid down a Knuckle Cluster in the tight corridor and unleashed fury from his Mastiff. A few shots and a couple of seconds later, all their armor was shredded, so Fuse pulled out a Flatline to spray and clean up the fight. With a single clip, he downed both the Gibraltar and Wraith. The Octane, cracked and bleeding from the Knuckle Clusters, was finished off by the ring, and Fuse stole victory.

The Ambassador of Boom showcased how deadly and resourceful he can be, especially when indoors and cornered. And Fuse will need to keep his abilities sharp this upcoming season, because his friend-turned-nemesis Mad Maggie is the next legend to join the Apex Games when the game’s 12th season, Defiance, launches on Feb. 8.