Skullpiercer Wingman and Peacekeeper nerfed in Apex Legends live balancing update

What do you think of the changes?

Image via Respawn Entertainment

The Respawn Entertainment developer team has dropped a live balancing update for Apex Legends, which includes a change to the Skullpiercer Wingman.

Despite being lauded as one of the best games in the world, Apex Legends still has some weapons that don’t fit too well into the game as of now. The developers addressed this in a Reddit post Wednesday evening, where they detailed a nerf to the Wingman, as well as the Peacekeeper when it has the Shot Gun Bolt attachment.

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Energy weapons were also a priority for the devs, who felt they were not being found as often. The devs also laid out some plans for the launch of season one, which will be coming sometime soon.

Here is what is included in Wednesday’s balancing update.

Weapon balancing

  • The Skullpiercer Wingman rate of fire has been reduced by 0.5 seconds and its headshot damage is has been reduced by 0.25 in order to move it into the “hand cannon space and away from full auto Deagle.”
  • The Peacekeeper with Shot Gun Bolt’s rate of fire has been reduced to give opposing players a better chance to outplay them.
  • Both guns are also less common now.
  • Energy weapons and ammo is now more common.
  • Various bug fixes.

Season 1 adjustments

  • Hit box size reductions and optimzations.
  • Caustics’s traps will receive a buff in cooldown, radius, and delay.
  • Pathfinder’s Insider Knowledge will be buffed.
  • Lifeline’s Care Package will not have a chance to include level 4 armor and helmets.
  • Wraith’s Into The Void will have a shorter cooldown.
  • Bangalore’s Double Time will have a reduced move speed bonus.