Shroud uses Horizon’s Gravity Lift to sling Black Hole at enemy team in Apex season 7

And it's amazing.

Image via Shroud

Shroud may have retired from the pro scene, but he’s still got it.

The Twitch star dove into Apex Legendsseventh season during his Twitch broadcast yesterday, testing out new character Horizon. And while he might not have many games on the astrophysicist, he seems to have mastered gravity.

Shroud spotted the final team from afar and pulled off something cheeky. The former CS:GO pro lined up Horizon’s ultimate to sling at his opponents, but first threw down her Gravity Lift ahead. By the time Black Hole left his hands, the tactical ability had already deployed and shot the ultimate into the air.

The Twitch star also threw Arc Stars at his opponents, cracking their shields while the Black Hole went off next to them. The 200 IQ play seemed to even have surprised shroud.

“What the hell?” shroud laughed. “Bro, what the fuck is that? I threw my Black Hole through my anti-grav and it just went flying.”

From there, shroud and his team simply had to finish the low-health targets and earn their place as champions.

Apex Season Seven, Ascension, kicked off earlier this week, introducing Horizon and the lush Olympus map.