Seer signs an autograph for an excited MRVN fan in special Apex lobby animation

Can I get one, too?

Image via Respawn Entertainment

Seer is definitely Mr. Popular.

Apex Legends‘ 10th season, Emergence, launched today, introducing new tracker Seer to the battle royale. And since the legend’s made a name for himself by battling it out in the Arenas, Respawn threw in a special lobby animation to showcase Seer’s stardom.

Pro Apex player Christian “Nokokopuffs” Feliciano tweeted a video of the animation, which shows a MRVN fan walk up to Seer and ask for an autograph. The tracker humbly signs a piece of paper for the robot, which the excited MRVN then shows to the player, revealing a moth signature. To see the animation, players can simply select Seer and wait patiently in the lobby.

Seer’s lobby animation fits in thematically with his narrative, a castaway who fostered his creativity and brought his theatrics to the Arenas. After he continuously proved his strength, fellow outcasts began to cheer for the Ambush Artist “as their champion,” according to his legend bio. As Seer makes his way to the Apex Games, there “isn’t a single soul who hasn’t already heard his name.”

This isn’t the first time Respawn created a lobby animation for a legend. Streamer AnneMunition found out about Revenant’s lobby animation the hard way, famously getting startled when the killer simulacrum charged the screen.