AnneMunition scared by Apex Legends’ Revenant in season 4 loading screen animation

The synthetic nightmare has another victim.

Screengrab via Anne Munition

Apex Legends’ Revenant is a relentless hitman motivated by revenge, but his reign of terror isn’t limited to the Apex universe. One of his animations startled streamer “AnneMunition” mid-stream today, causing her to step away from her chair in fear.

Revenant’s loading screen animation makes the character pace around the main menu, looking menacingly at the other side of the screen. If that wasn’t unsettling enough, the legend will actually pounce on the screen if left alone for enough time.

The streamer was caught by surprise when the shadowy character jumped toward her and she stepped away from the computer, visibly shocked. “I don’t like that,” AnneMunition said. “What the fuck was that?”

The animation didn’t stop there. Revenant appears on the screen once again with his head held high, as if he was laughing. “Why?” the streamer asked. “That scared me so bad.”

AnneMunition wasn’t the only one to fall for Revenant’s tricks. Respawn community manager Jay Frechette shared his sympathy with the streamer. “I had the same reaction in my first playtest where this got put into the game,” he tweeted.

Moy Parra, one of Apex’s animation artists, laughed at the situation. “Mission accomplished,” he tweeted, tagging fellow animator Joe Bowers.

Revenant made his way to Apex during the battle royale’s fourth season, which debuted today. The character is a simulacrum, a robot with a human mind programmed to believe he was human. Death is a common motif for the character and it’s likely that this isn’t the only scare that Revenant has in store for Apex players.