Apex Legends’ revenue drops drastically for a second month in a row

Should we be losing hope for Apex Legends?

Image via Respawn Entertainment

It has been almost four months since the launch of Respawn Entertainment’s hit battle royale, Apex Legends. On release, the free-to-play title broke multiple records and looked like the next big battle royale game to take over the scene.

Unfortunately, it appears Apex‘s fiery start has fizzled out—the game’s revenue has plummeted for the second month in a row, according to SuperData Research.

Apex Legends generated $24 million in April 2019, which may seem like a large amount to some people. This, however, is only about a quarter of what Apex made in its launch month. Although the game’s numbers in February were unsustainable, the sudden and drastic drop in revenue shows that Apex could not keep up with the immense hype.

Since its explosive release month, it appears Respawn has failed to appease its fanbase. Several bugs and glitches have hampered what was once a mechanically-sound game, while hackers have continued to run rampant in many players’ lobbies.

Another big complaint with the game so far has been the lack of quality content releasing for the game. Apex‘s highly-anticipated first season included an underwhelming battle pass and one new Legend. There weren’t any new weapons or maps, a common gripe among fans.

We know that a battle royale’s lifespan can be fleeting, but the decline of Apex Legends has been pretty surprising. Respawn could bring players back to its game with season two, though, which starts sometime around June.

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