Revenant memes Bangalore with new voiceline in Apex Legends

Murder robot, evil trashcan... internet troll?

Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment

One of Apex’s most enduring memes is Bangalore’s voicelines, and specifically, how long those voicelines seem to be. Sure, the IMC veteran is often surly and short when interacting with other legends (or trying to express her feelings to one particular legend).

Ping some sort of weapon, on the other hand? Bangalore starts waxing eloquent about how the Flatline kicks like a mule, or how little projectile drop the Triple Take has, or gives some deeply personal anecdote about growing up with a P2020.

At this point, Respawn has taken note of the jokes and the memes, and it decided to write a joke in response for everyone’s favorite comedian to deliver.

It’s Revenant! Revenant is everyone’s favorite comedian, obviously.

On a serious note, many of Revenant’s voicelines would be far funnier if the entire character wasn’t lusting for blood with every other utterance. There is some wonderful sarcasm that voice actor Darin De Paul nails, and on the rare occasions that the sarcasm is… somewhat light-hearted, the comedy really shines through. Asking Bangalore if there’s no speech about what factory made the weapon parts is one of those times.

Apex being the character-driven FPS that it is, it’s no surprise Respawn adds new fun voicelines like this to keep immersing players in the world and prevent the in-game dialogue from getting too stale. Now if only we can get some snappy responses to Caustic’s general edgelord demeanor.