Revenant fan concept would allow him to crawl upside down on ceilings in Apex

SpiderRev, SpiderRev.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

Revenant is a difficult character for Apex Legends’ designers. His abilities are not particularly strong, in the grand scheme of things, but buffing his abilities makes the character a massive nuisance to play against. Anyone who has had a full team Octane pad onto them after hitting Revenant’s Death Totem can attest to this.

So what if Revenant was less annoying and more terrifying?

Meet SpiderRev. It’s an interesting take on Revenant’s passive, which normally just allows him to scale walls that other legends can’t, as well as move faster while crouched. This fan-made concept also feels thematically close to what Revenant’s passive looked like early in his development when his limbs would dislocate and reattach to make him appear spider-like while moving in a crouch. 

This even has the potential to not be the most annoying way to buff Revenant since the ability to crawl on ceilings would only be useful in very specific situations. It would probably take a week for players to stop getting jump-scared by some Revenant players looking for a few laughs and start paying attention above their heads.

The real problem with this idea is how, most likely, allowing Revenant to crawl in any direction and hang on to ceilings would mean allowing him to stick indefinitely to every surface he crawls upon. Crawling on ceilings is fine, mostly because it’s not difficult to spot out a Revenant stuck to a ceiling. A Revenant that’s climbed halfway up a mountain cliff, however, that can easily just drop down onto an unsuspecting team below them, wouldn’t make for very fun or fair gameplay. It essentially turns Revenant into a character who directly benefits from hiding from enemies. That’s not exactly how you want your characters to function in a team-based battle royale.

Still, Revenant players can dream, right?