Respawn will fix excessive quest notifications in Apex Legends’ next patch

“I know, it's annoying. It only lasts one day per Hunt though, and we'll have a fix in our next patch.”

Image via Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends players won’t need to worry about excessive quest notifications anymore. Respawn plans to fix the numerous “you got a treasure pack” notifications in the next patch, according to design director Jason McCord.

McCord confirmed that the company will push a solution to the issue in the next update. “I know, it’s annoying,” he said. “It only lasts one day per Hunt though, and we’ll have a fix in our next patch.”

It’s unclear when that is, but Apex updates usually take place on Tuesdays. Given the timed nature of quests, a fix should be in the works soon.

The excessive notifications take place after players unlock a new hunt, a PvE mission to unlock the next chapter of the quest. After collecting the last treasure pack needed to get access to the mission, a “you got a treasure pack” warning will appear after every match played during that day. The notification stops popping up the next day but can show up numerous times before disappearing.

To unlock each hunt, players must find five treasure packs scattered all over the maps. Unlocking all hunts requires a total of 45 treasure packs, but there’s a catch: players can only pick up one of them per day. Treasure Packs reset each day at 12pm CT and award players with the next hunt, as well as CP for Battle Pass progression, Crafting Metals to unlock cosmetics, or Apex Packs.

The Broken Ghost tells the story of Loba’s quest for revenge against Revenant. Players need to clear a hunt each week to gain access to the next chapter in the story, which offers a mix of lore and gameplay. The latest chapter shed some light on Loba’s interests and saw one of the legends injured in combat. It’s likely that this week’s episode will pick up from there.