Respawn wanted to bring ‘fresher blood’ to Apex by creating Seer without a connection to other legends

The legend only bumped into Rampart and Octane, at least for now.

Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment

While all legends have heard of Seer, few have actually rubbed shoulders with him. Instead of making another duo like Revenant and Loba or Octane and Lifeline, Respawn wanted to bring “fresher blood” to Apex Legends with Seer and not give him a deep connection to the rest of the cast yet, lead writer Amanda Doiron told Dot Esports.

“We did want to bring in fresher blood with Seer, not have someone who’s so intertwined with legends,” Doiron said. This doesn’t mean that Respawn will stop making legends with connections to the rest of the cast, “but we do also want to bring in fresher faces that don’t have a lore already wound up in the others,” Doiron said.

Respawn set Seer apart from the rest of the cast since his birth—and not just because of the alleged curse cast upon him. The competitor is the first character born on Boreas, a planet that got very little attention in the lore until Seer’s release, while the rest of the cast mostly hails from Solace, Gaea, or Psamathe.

Octane and Rampart acknowledged Seer in an in-game teaser, though in a different light. Rampart calls Seer “my boy,” while Octane hopes that it’s “not that guy.” The three fought in Arenas before joining the Apex Games in their own ways. And that seems to be the only actual connection between Seer and the rest of the cast so far.

Though Seer isn’t connected to most of the cast, he could still make some new friends after joining the Apex Games. “He’s definitely not an antagonistic legend,” Doiron said. “He’s someone that’s easier to get along with on average with the legends.”

Seer’s role in the big-picture lore of Apex is still unclear. But he’ll make his debut in the game’s 10th season, Emergence, on Aug. 3.