Respawn releases Apex Legends’ Boosted Pack with a Rampart skin and 600 Apex Coins

The latest season pack is a way to get coins at a discount.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

Rampart’s got the party started already. Respawn released Apex Legends’ Boosted Pack today in honor of its sixth season and it comes with a skin for the new legend and 600 Apex Coins, all for $4.99.

The bundle contains the Gearhead skin, which is reminiscent of the System Override event. The cosmetic adds some slightly robotic details to Rampart’s face and arms and dresses the character in a purple, patterned outfit.

The Boosted Pack also gives out 600 Apex Coins. This is a rare opportunity because Apex‘s in-game store only offers bundles with at least 1,000 coins, but players who want to top off their currency can take advantage of the bundle to get a smaller amount at a discount (and obtain a new cosmetic in the process).

Respawn advertised the Booster Pack in-game before its official release with a notification mistakenly warning players that the bundle was available before it launched. Instead of taking players to the Origin store, clicking the advertisement had no effect.

The Boosted Pack is Apex‘s third season pack, released at the beginning of a season with specific offerings for the newest legends. The Assimilation Pack offered coins and a Revenant skin, while the Fortune’s Favor Pack gave Loba a new visual and more coins—a fitting combination for the high-society thief.

Last week, Respawn also released another skin for Rampart. The Custom Finish visual is Apex‘s Prime Gaming (formerly Twitch Prime) cosmetic for August. Players can redeem it until Sept. 24. A matching gun charm is also available starting today.

The Boosted Pack, like its predecessors, will only run for the duration of season six and will be removed from the Origin store once the season ends, so players have a little under three months to acquire the bundle.