Respawn raises Apex’s account level cap to 500, adds 36 new Gun Charms

More levels, more rewards.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

Longtime Apex Legends fans are in for a slew of new rewards. Respawn Entertainment is raising the account level cap to 500 and is offering players additional Apex Packs for their dedication and hard work.

Beginning Dec. 3, players will be able to level their accounts past level 100. Respawn is also reducing the amount of XP required to level up to 100 by five percent to allow new players to unlock level-up rewards more frequently.

With the level cap increase comes new changes to the frequency of level-up rewards. Players will now be able to earn an additional 154 Apex Packs by reaching level 500. Fans of the game will receive Apex Packs based on the following progression:

  • Levels two to 20: One pack every level
  • Levels 22 to 300: One pack every two levels
  • Levels 305 to 500: One pack every five levels

Originally, players could only receive 49 packs between levels one to 100. Now, however, players will earn 59 packs in the same number of levels. Once the changes go live, Respawn will award players with any Apex pack they would’ve received under this new system, meaning those who have hit level 100 will unlock 14 free Apex packs on Dec. 3.

Players will earn a new badge showing off their account’s progress every 10 levels once they’ve reached level 110. Similarly, Apex fans will receive a Player Level Gun Charm every 100 player levels to reward them for their efforts and to show off their account’s progression.

Additionally, Respawn is adding 36 new Gun Charms to Apex Packs. The Gun Charms will be available in Epic and Legendary tiers and feature mini versions of each of the legends in addition to jack-in-the-boxes and frag grenades. Gun Charms will also be available in Apex’s store on a rotation basis.