Respawn hits Apex’s Charge Rifle with second round of nerfs

The Charge Rifle nerfs are now live.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

Respawn Entertainment is taking another shot at nerfing the Charge Rifle. The Apex Legends developer pushed a micro patch today to implement a second round of nerfs to the sniper rifle.

Players will no longer be able to attach extended energy mags to the Charge Rifle. Similarly, the weapon’s base magazine capacity has been increased back up to 12 from last week’s round of nerfs. Each shot will continue to fire three rounds, meaning players will have four shots per reload. Additionally, both the gun’s fire rate and its damage falloff have been reduced.

Last week, Respawn took its first shot at nerfing the Charge Rifle by reducing its default mag size to nine energy ammo. Similarly, the Apex developer made it so the sniper rifle fired three shots per round. The changes went live in a micro patch alongside bug fixes for the battle royale’s initial ring.

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The second round of Charge Rifle nerfs went live today with the launch of the Fight or Fright Collection’s double XP weekend. Fans can now earn double experience toward both account and battle pass levels for winning games or reaching the top five in a match.

The double XP weekend will run until 12pm CT on Oct. 28. Once the weekend wraps up, players will have another week to participate in Apex’s Halloween-themed Fight or Fright Collection event until Nov. 5.