Respawn nerfs Charge Rifle, fixes initial circle bug in latest Apex patch

The sniper rifle is finally seeing changes.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

Shortly after making its debut in season three, Apex Legends’ Charge Rifle became a point of contention across the playerbase with many fans deeming it overpowered. Nearly two full weeks later, the sniper rifle is finally seeing some changes with a small update today.

Last week, the Apex developer added an update to its Dev Tracker board on Trello acknowledging the gun needed a few adjustments. In the first episode of the Apex Devstream, community manager Jay Frechette clarified the changes wouldn’t directly hit the gun’s damage, but would instead focus on the gun’s magazine size and bullets used per shot.

Today, Respawn informed players a patch had been released but failed to provide any notes revealing the exact changes included in the update. Players can see the most obvious changes in-game, however, beginning with the increased mag size. The Charge Rifle now holds nine bullets by default, and each shot fires three bullets.

The Charge Rifle’s power wasn’t the only thing Respawn aimed to fix with today’s patch. The Apex developer addressed a bug that caused the first ring to begin damaging players who would be positioned outside of the circle earlier than intended.

Similarly, the patch has also removed the ability for users to spam quips while in the dropship. The Quip Wheel was one of the features introduced with the launch of season three, allowing players to equip a variety of voice lines for each legend and use them while in a match. Quips can be heard by enemies, however. Shortly after the season hit live servers, players began realizing they could use the quips while in the dropship for everybody to hear. With today’s patch, players will have to wait until they’re off the aircraft before they can use the voice lines.

The patch is now live across all servers, so players can begin testing out the changes today.