Respawn has ‘no real updates’ on cross-progression in Apex Legends

The community's pleas have been heard, but it just isn't ready yet.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends players who are holding out for cross-progression will have to keep waiting: developer Respawn Entertainment doesn’t have anything to say right now about the feature’s inclusion.

In a press event, Apex design director Evan Nikolich revealed that while the development team is still working on the feature, they’re having to work through technical issues to implement it. Apex “wasn’t built with cross-progression in mind,” said Nikolich in response to a question about the feature. The team is dedicated to seeing it through and they very much want to bring it to the game, but for right now, they’re still working on it.

Nikolich implied that some of the difficulty in implementing cross-progression has been the game’s popularity. He shared that when Apex was first released, Respawn had no idea it would be so successful. This may have led to different features and functionality being prioritized over cross-progression. Nikolich did not provide an estimated date or release window for cross-progression, saying that he wants to wait until they’re certain they’re ready to release it to tell fans.

Players who play on multiple platforms have been asking for cross-progression for a long time now. Because Apex is a free-to-play game, it has a lower barrier to entry when playing on multiple platforms: players don’t need to purchase a $60 game on both PC and console to play on more than one platform. While the game does feature crossplay, which allows players to play with friends across platforms, it doesn’t yet feature cross-progression, which would allow them to access the same battle pass progression, cosmetics, and other account-specific information from multiple devices.

Apex’s 15th season, Eclipse, begins on Nov. 1.