Respawn disables Valkyrie in Firing Range after kill farming exploit

Players can still use her normally in other modes.

Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment

Respawn disabled Valkyrie in the Firing Range after an exploit made statistics in the training grounds count as if they were in normal matches. The legend is available to play in both Battle Royale and Arenas, however.

The stats-related exploit allowed squads to enter the Firing Range, turn on friendly fire, and farm kills or damage with the new legend. Players could also reportedly abuse it to achieve hits with her Missile Swarm.

The glitch threw a spanner in the plans of players who were grinding kills legitimately in Battle Royale and Arenas, since the exploit gives unlimited progress and at a much faster rate with enemies that offer no resistance.

The issue was reportedly tied to using her ultimate in the training grounds, then switching to a different legend. It would continue to track different stats, such as damage caused, kills, and revives. Additionally, the glitch could activate on accident and taint the legitimate stats of players by dropping their KDR, for instance.

Players first reported the glitch early into the new season, but it remained in relative obscurity during the first week after the Legacy update launched. Respawn’s solution shouldn’t cause major disruptions in the game, since Valkyrie is still available to play across both regular modes. It will, however, stop players from abusing her to artificially farm stats.

Respawn hasn’t specified the timeframe for Valkyrie’s suspension, saying only that she will be “temporarily disabled.”