Respawn disables Kings Canyon while fixing Apex Legends server issues

Players reported game disconnections on Monday.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

If you’ve noticed Kings Canyon is suddenly absent from the Apex Legends map rotation, there’s a very good reason why. Respawn announced they would be disabling the map in order to fix an issue where players disconnected from games.

A small update was added to the game on Monday, likely just containing skins and content for future season 12 events. However, players started noticing serious server instability after the update. The game would crash on players at random, usually delivering the “code:net” or “code:leaf” error messages, and bouncing the players from games back to the main menu.

Respawn issued an update earlier, letting players know they were aware of the issue. Now, it seems the developer has isolated the problem to Kings Canyon and are taking the map out of rotation as they seek to fix the issue.

After relatively smooth beginnings to seasons 10 and 11, season 12 has been a bumpy one for Apex in terms of performance. Only weeks ago, the game suffered from serious frame rate issues, a problem that was particularly bad for console players. Now, the game can’t seem to go more than a few games in a row without crashing, and that’s if players are lucky.

There’s no word yet on when Kings Canyon will return. Until it’s fixed, Storm Point and Olympus remain in the Apex Legends map rotation.

The game is playable, although there still seems to be some disconnection issues.