Respawn deploys Apex Legends patch to ‘hopefully’ fix frustrating crashing issue

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Image via Respawn Entertainment

Frustrated Apex Legends players can finally wave goodbye to the pesky game crasheswell, hopefully.

Apex's Fight Night patch brought with it game-breaking crashes that have been plaguing the battle royale since the event went live last week. Respawn addressed the issue today, pushing out a patch that "improves stability and (hopefully) fixes the freezing issues."

"The issue in particular has been tricky for us to pin down consistently, but we are hopeful that we have addressed most of the cases where it happens," Respawn said.

Respawn deployed a hotfix to target bugs and disconnect issues on Jan. 7, but the crashes persisted. Streamer and pro Apex player Christian "Nokokopuffs" Feliciano reported 23 crashes after the hotfix, showing its ineffectiveness.

In addition to a stability fix, today's patch includes solutions for errors with Steam's friends list and text chat, Clubs, and event skins "Haute Drop" Wattson and "Gold Standard" Loba.