Respawn considering changes to “Live. Die. Live.” LTM if it ever returns

The community didn't receive the mode well.

Not all fans are thrilled about Apex Legends’ Grand Soirée celebrations.

Some fans complained about the “Live. Die. Live.” mode in rotation. Respawn took notice of the feedback and promised to take it into account if the mode ever makes a comeback.

“Instant death and shorter round timers are both especially worth seriously considering if we bring the mode around again,” Respawn developer Rayme Vinson said in a Reddit comment.

The limited-time mode brings dead legends back to life each time the ring closes. Players are respawned on the remaining living squadmate at the end of each round and squads must avoid being fully wiped to stay in the competition. Its general reception was lukewarm at best, however.

Players were quick to point out flaws in the mode’s design and to suggest improvements. A few of the most controversial topics include the long periods of inactivity between rounds, players quitting mid-match, and the lack of respawn beacons.

In the Reddit thread that got the developer’s attention, a player suggested implementing instant death to prevent situations when a player is downed and can’t respawn at the end of a round. Since the characters technically aren’t dead, they’re forced to wait another round on the sidelines and leave their team at a disadvantage.

Players also wished the interval between rounds was decreased to allow for less waiting and more action-filled matchups. “This will keep people moving, end fights quickly, and overall a much faster paced match,” another user said. Both suggestions on the Reddit thread made their way onto Respawn’s radar.

Feedback in the Apex forums mirrored the general negative sentiment in the community. The mode isn’t distinctive enough from regular gameplay and its gimmick can also be one of its main weaknesses due to forcing players to wait around. The high delay provides an incentive to quitting the match before it’s over, a behavior most players frown upon.

Live. Die. Live. followed the popular Gold Rush Duos in the Grand Soirée’s arcade rotation. A doubles mode has been a highly-requested feature in Apex since its beginnings and made its live debut last November as a limited-time mode. Gold Rush Duos allowed players to join their favorite partners in a mode filled with high-quality, gold-rarity weapons like the Kraber and Mastiff.

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Apex’s Grand Soirée runs until Jan. 28 and will present new limited-time modes on a two-day rotation. Live. Die. Live. should make its exit by Jan. 18 and will be succeeded by a third-person mode.