Respawn admits ‘several issues’ affecting Apex Legends cross progression after fan frustration

What are these issues, exactly?

An artwork for Apex Legends with various legends flexing around the game's logo.
Image via Respawn Entertainment

Amidst intense confusion and complaints from the Apex Legends community, Respawn today admitted it needed to resolve “several issues” in the newly introduced cross-progression update. The statement follows many players complaining about long wait times to merge their accounts.

Cross progression in Apex was launched on Oct. 31 at the start of Season 19 “Ignite.” Long awaited by the community, the announcement was met with relief and excitement by the vast majority of the game’s player base. 

Cross-progression means players could contribute to their rank progress across all of their accounts, regardless of whether they were playing on a PC or console. This merging of accounts also ensures that in-game currency, badges, and cosmetics are available to all players regardless of which platform they used to gain or purchase them. 

Respawn and Electronic Arts reassured the change would be gradually rolled out to all players, although seemed reluctant to provide a more concrete timeline. However, many fans were left confused after waiting for more than two weeks to receive any indication their accounts were ready to merge. 

Despite hundreds of tweets questioning the cross-progression rollout, Respawn did not address player concerns directly until admitting on X (formerly Twitter) that it had in fact faced issues—over a fortnight after Season 19 began. 

With patience in the Apex community running thin, Respawn’s post was immediately met with criticism from many. Fans were quick to point out that although Respawn thanked them for their patience, they did not in fact have a choice. Issues with cross-progression were not communicated when they were identified, leading to additional criticism and sarcasm surrounding the company’s apparent inability to keep its player base informed. 

Respawn has yet to clarify what exactly the issues with cross-progression were, leading some to call their statement an “update that is in fact, no update.” Although Respawn has stated that cross-progression will now continue being rolled out, trust between the community and game developers is running low. 

Dot Esports has reached out to Respawn and EA for clarification regarding the issues faced in the rollout of cross-progression but has not received a response at the time of publishing. 


Hannah Marie ZT