Rarest Bloodhound skins in Apex Legends

These are some of the rarest and most well-known skins in the game.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

One of the greatest game hunters across the Outlands, Bloodhound’s true origins are a mystery. One thing that’s known, though, is that they’re excellent in hunting and tracking opponents.

Bloodhound’s skillset in Apex Legends is focused on recon. Finding the enemies is made simple with his tactical ability, Eye of the Allfather. This ability allows the player to see their target through structures and smoke screens, enabling the team to launch a strategic ambush.

Their skillset isn’t the only unique thing about Bloodhound. The hunter has a collection of skins available with ranging levels of cosmetic upgrades. These skins can be acquired through the store or during events and crafted through completing specific challenges.

Common skins

Bloodhound’s common skins will apply a color change to the trim of their outfit. While it isn’t a substantial difference, it allows the player to personalize the character by using the color of their choice. You can get access to common skins with only 30 crafting materials.

Rare skins

Bloodhound’s rare skins will do the opposite of their common skins, offering a change in the design of the main parts of their armor instead of just the trim. The rare skins also offer different colors and unique textures for each color. These can all be acquired for 60 crafting materials.

Epic skins

The epic skins available for Bloodhound will do a combination of what’s aesthetically available in the previous tiers of skins. Epic-tier skins will give Bloodhound a complete color change with five different options to choose from, all of which are worth 400 crafting materials.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

One standout Epic skin for Bloodhound is the Master of the Hunt skin. This skin was only available through completing challenges during the Legendary Hunt event. The skin itself sees Bloodhound’s armor textured in leopard print.

Legendary skins

Here are some of the best and rarest skins available for Bloodhound in Apex today. Legendary skins offer full redesigns of Bloodhound that aren’t available in any of the lower-tier skins.

The Plague Doctor

One of Bloodhound’s legendary skins, The Plague Doctor, offers players a unique look at the hunter. Bloodhound wears extra armor, as well as a new mask in the style of a plague doctor.

The skin is black, but an alternative version, Raven’s Shadow, changes the color scheme to a brownish-gold look. This variant is one of the rarest skins in the game because it requires players to own The Plague Doctor skin first and has a high crafting cost to acquire. Another variant available of The Plague Doctor is the Runekeeper skin. This looks similar to the other two aside from extra padding in the armor and a two-tone orange color scheme.

Imperial Warrior

The Imperial Warrior skin takes Bloodhound’s look back to imperial times, seeing them wear a quiver over their shoulder as well as different armor plating. There are multiple alternative versions of this skin available. The Royal Guard will make the color scheme red and replaces the armor material with something smoother. Great Winter has the armor appear fully white with slightly different textures to the other available variants. The most unique variant, though, has to be the Wandering Warrior. The Wandering Warrior sees the skin become an aqua color. Although that’s not the best for stealthy gameplay, it looks impressive.

The Centurion

Bloodhound The Centurion – Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment

One of Bloodhound’s most standout skins, The Centurion sees a complete remodel of their armor in favor of a Roman soldier look. This is one of the rarest skins in the game due to its limited availability and difficulty to acquire.

Protector of the Patch

Bloodhound Protector of the Patch – Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment

Available only during the Fright or Fight event, Protector of the Patch Bloodhound is one of the legend’s most unique looks. Donning a pumpkin as a head, Bloodhound is dressed like a scarecrow in this standout skin.

The Intimidator

Bloodhound The Intimidator – Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment

A solid color pallet isn’t always what looks great in skins. But in the case of the Intimidator, that’s exactly what it needed. The skin has a distinct red color scheme all over and reshapes Bloodhound’s armor into something sinister that resembles a mask with devil horns. This skin is sure to stand out and be feared among the opposition.

Wise Warrior

Bloodhound Wise Warrior – Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment

One of the Bloodhound’s most recent skins, Wise Warrior sees the hunter don an owl shape mask as well as cloth armor and a noticeably smaller hat. Aesthetically, the skin is silver with gold trim on the armor and fur trim around Bloodhound’s neck. Released as part of the Bloodhound-themed event, this skin is one of the best-looking cosmetics available for the character.

Young Blood

Bloodhound Young Blood – Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment

Probably the best-looking Bloodhound skin available in the game today, Young Blood Bloodhound has released as part of the character’s recent themed event. The attention to detail that’s gone into this skin is up there with any other cosmetic in the game. Bloodhound’s armor is stripped away, wearing thin cloth armor wrapped in what looks to be feathers instead. On Bloodhound’s head, the hat has been replaced in favor of a skull. The blue and white color scheme works perfectly, bringing together this unique look.

These are some of the best skins available for Bloodhound right now. But there are always new skins being released in the game, so Bloodhound could receive some great new cosmetics in the near future.