Overwatch League player sets world record for solo kills in Apex Legends

Mendo is now the world record holder.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

Lucas “Mendokusaii” Håkansson, content creator and streamer for Overwatch League team Houston Outlaws, has set a new world record for solo kills in Respawn Entertainment’s Apex Legends.

It’s early days for the new battle royale, released Feb. 4, but Mendo’s new world record is still an impressive feat. He secured 36 kills in total and dealt 5,460 damage, beating out the world record holder, MrSimple, by just two kills.

“To clarify—I did this 100% solo and had NO assistance from teammates to give me kills or help me in any way, as you can see they had less than 200 damage in total,” Mendo wrote on Twitter.

Mendo competed in the inaugural season of the Overwatch league. Now a content creator for Houston Outlaws, it’s clear he still has the tools to thrive in a competitive game like Apex. He certainly has plenty of experience playing FPS titles. Aside from Overwatch, he’s played competitively in Counter-Strike.

“I asked my dad if he’s finally proud of me after getting WR and he said “finally you’re doing something right,” Mendo said.

Mendo beat the record by deliberately queuing with the intention of playing solo. Although solo queue isn’t yet available, he joined a random duo —quickly abandoning them— before aggressively scouring the map. This led to him to fighting one-versus-three scenarios, eventually racking up 36 kills and taking home the world record.

A new world record seems to be being set every day, but don’t expect this one to be broken again any time soon. It will take a lot more than luck to beat Mendo’s achievement.