Twitch streamer MrSimple beats dizzy’s Apex Legends solo kill world record

Who will beat the record next?

Image via Respawn Entertainment

Less than a week after NRG Esports’ Cody “dizzy” Meadows set the solo kill world record in Respawn Entertainment’s Apex Legends, Twitch streamer MrSimple has overtaken him.

Apex is still in its early stages and it’s expected for records to be beaten left, right, and center. But dizzy has come out of the gates swinging and has shown a strong performance in the new battle royale game. He set the record of 33 solo kills before amassing more than one million damage and winning the opening day of Twitch Rivals, alongside partners Tyler “Ninja” Blevins and Richard “KingRichard” Nelson.

Dizzy has looked unstoppable in the game’s two-week span, but Twitch streamer MrSimple beat his record, dealing 6,067 damage and securing 34 kills—just one more than dizzy’s previous mark. He did it all on stream and it was a spectacle to behold.

The reasonably-unknown player, similar to dizzy, queued up and was matched with a random squad. Despite not communicating with his teammates, he took the game into his own hands, and quickly wreaked havoc, mowing down enemies before taking home the world record—and he did it all while wearing his pajamas.

You can see a full of list Apex’s world record holders here.