One Wraith dramatically prevents Albralelie’s escape in Apex Legends

This is what it feels like to be sent to the void.

Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment

Albralelie admitted that an opponent bested him in Apex Legends with an incredibly smart Wraith play.

In a Twitch clip shared to Reddit by user arvindanar7, Albralelie is streaming and playing with some friends on Storm Point in ranked mode. He and his teammates are just about to exit one of the IMC Armories PvE zones, a feature that Respawn added to the map this season. After defeating the enemies inside and collecting loot, players are ejected out the top and have the opportunity to reposition, similar to the map’s gravity cannons or Olympus’ jump towers. Albralelie expects to be launched out and land elsewhere, but that’s not quite what happens.

As soon as he’s thrown out the top of the building, he immediately enters a well-placed enemy Wraith portal and is teleported to the side of the structure, where the Wraith and her teammates are lying in wait for him. After quickly being knocked down, he’s taken out by an enemy, finishing the round for him and his team.

Instead of being upset by the play, Albralelie admitted that it was a smart move and congratulated the Wraith and her team for thinking of it. Commenters on the Reddit post explained that Wraith was able to get her portal above the armory via a Horizon gravity lift, which allowed her to put it seemingly in the middle of the air.

Albralelie also recently called Apex’s old ranked system “a participation trophy” and called for gold Knockdown Shields to be removed from the game after some frustrating final ring fights.