Albralelie wants gold Knockdown Shields to be removed from Apex Legends

He's not the only one who feels that way.

Apex Legends Knockdown Bug
Image via Respawn Entertainment

Albralelie has made his opinion on Apex Legends‘ gold Knockdown Shields very clear in a blunt tweet.

The pro gamer and TSM content creator tweeted his thoughts in response to a thread started by Hakis, another pro Apex player. Hakis claimed “Gold Knockdown ruins so many good games. Late game is just cringe with the item in the game, please remove [it] for split 2 it’s so depressing losing out placements because of it.”

Hakis is referring to cases where his team would attempt to wipe an entire squad right at the end of the game, only for one player to self-revive in an obscure location thanks to their gold Knockdown Shield and potentially win the match. Albralelie’s tweet makes it clear that he agrees with the “#deletegoldknockdown” hashtag that Hakis also posted.

The two pros aren’t the only ones who believe the gold Knockdown Shield should be removed or at least modified in some way. Apex content creator Kandyrew suggested that they should only be able to self-revive if at least one of the shield-holder’s other teammates is still alive.

While many agreed with him, including fellow Apex streamer Holiwhirl, other players don’t think there’s anything wrong with the item. “Self-revive is very situational. It’s not even strong, it’s really difficult to pull a [self-rez] in gold/platinum lobbies. To me, [the] gold Knockdown should be quieter and maybe a little faster but it’s still good [though],” said one responder. “Or maybe make it so gold [Knockdown shields] automatically turn to purple when the last zone starts,” said another.

Respawn devs have yet to issue a blanket statement on the debate, but gold Knockdown Shields are discussed so frequently that it’s likely they’ll say something soon.