Octane’s pet bunny may have inspired his jump pad ultimate in Apex Legends

The character had a bunny called Navi as a child.

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Image via Respawn Entertainment

Octane’s jump pad in Apex Legends allows him and his team to jump upward, but he may not have come up with the idea all on his own. An Apex writer has revealed that Octane’s pet bunny may have inspired the ultimate—in the in-game universe, at least.

Game writer Tom Casiello revealed a series of lore factoids about the legend on his Twitter, including that Octane had a pet bunny called Navi as a child. One fan tweeted “What if Octane got the idea of a jump pad from the bunny?” Casiello replied with an “Atta boy.” It’s a fairly clear confirmation that Octane may have had a little help from his friend when coming up with the ultimate.

Casiello has tweeted out information on a plethora of legends and usually sticks to small details. Other than recounting the story behind Navi, he also shared that Caustic has a Nessie he found in the Apex Games. These are revelations that don’t have a groundbreaking impact on the story but help develop and humanize the characters.

The story of Navi

Octane first got the bunny as a late Christmas present. He asked for a puppy when he was 11 years old and his absentee father’s assistant sent a bunny instead—three days after Christmas. “He took that bunny on every stunt [with] him,” Casiello explained. “It would sit in the front of his jacket. The rabbit never flinched either. And he pulled some crazy $&%# back then too.”

Octane called his pet Navi, which is short for “Navidad”—the Spanish word for Christmas. Casiello joked that the three letters he chopped off were a jab at his father, but admitted that the abbreviation was just to save time. “Dude shortens Octavio to ‘O,’ you think he’s got the time to say ‘Navidad?’ Syllables take too long,” he joked.

Navi eventually passed away in its sleep. “O had pets die before, but dying in your sleep is so boring,” Casiello recounted. “He told everyone Navi died in a rocket that crashed into a planet and blew up in a gajillion pieces. His teacher sent him to a counselor.” His father fired the assistant who got him Navi in the first place but married her a year later.

Apex adds depth to each of its characters, making them more than generic competitors in a bloodsport. Each legend has a motive to join the games, personality traits, and a (sometimes heartbreaking) backstory. The intricate lore, even if it’s relatively small information such as Octane’s bunny, contributes to making the in-game universe increasingly complex—and increasingly human.