Octane player turns Apex into Grand Theft Auto

Anyone up for a car-jacking?

Image via Respawn Entertainment

In almost every conceivable way, Apex Legends and Grand Theft Auto are completely different games. In one fateful game, however, an Octane player decided to change all of that.

Reddit user Ink_Flo found themselves in a classic Apex position: alone, teammates dead and gone, and hiding from the full squads still gleefully looking for a fight. In this particular case, they found a nice little crevasse in a small waterfall that hid much of Octane’s character model. But a trident hover vehicle carrying a full team soon pulled up, meaning Ink_Flo’s safety would be short-lived.

Quickly, they threw a jump pad just as the enemy team was getting out of the trident, using it to jump far into the air above their heads. Incredibly, the enemy Octane seemed to notice the jump pad but couldn’t find where Ink_Flo went. 

Instead of fighting, Ink_Flo landed directly on the hover car, swiping it from the full team that just vacated the vehicle and was now helpless to watch them make a quick escape by themselves. It’s about as close as Apex might ever get to GTA’s car hijacking mechanics and incredibly quick thinking on their part, figuring out the best way to get out of a sticky situation. 

Let this be a lesson to all of you looking to perfect your ratting techniques: Sometimes the best place to hide is in a car traveling at a high speed away from the people shooting you.