Newcastle’s Heirloom has been found in latest Apex Legends datamine leaks

The knight in shining armor is getting his sword.

Bangalore, Lifeline, and Newcastle running in Apex Legends
Image via Respawn Entertainment

It looks like Newcastle is going to be the next legend to get an Heirloom in Apex Legends after a dataminer uncovered new evidence in the battle royale’s files.

The dataminer shared an image that included several files on the /r/ApexUncovered subreddit on Nov. 14, including some that contain the keyword “Pilot”—a reference most Apex fans associate with Newcastle.

There are also several mentions of “sword,” which also fits Newcastle quite well. Many Apex players consider him a “knight in shining armor” so it would make complete sense that the legend (a soldier who earned the prestigious Combat Pilot Certification during his basic training) would wield a sword as his Heirloom.

The latest legend to get an Heirloom was Fuse back in season 18, with many considering his guitar cosmetic one of the best in the battle royale.

For this Newcastle Heirloom, there may be a bit of a wait—the leaker suggested it won’t arrive until sometime around early January, maybe close to Jan. 9, 2024. This gives players some time to save up for the Newcastle sword.

Not everyone is so happy with the leaked details, though. Some Apex fans are confused why Newcastle is getting a better cosmetic than Ash, and why he’s getting a sword specifically when she wields one as her main ability. She’s stuck wielding a nun-chuck instead.

Regarding pricing, we’ve calculated players will have to spend more than $400 to be able to get enough Heirloom shards to get an Heirloom. This isn’t set in stone, however, as this is based on opening 500 Apex Packs. If you’ve opened up a few hundred packs or you get lucky, you’re going to spend less than the estimated amount. But what’s important to keep in mind is that Heirloom shards are guaranteed every 500 Apex Packs.

As with all Apex datamines and leaks, take this with a grain of salt. Until Respawn confirms the new Heirloom, nothing is set in stone.


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