New Valentine’s Day Nessy and Pathfinder weapon charms may debut in Apex Legends season 4

A data miner found the adorable weapon charms in the game’s files.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

It seems like love is in the air in the Outlands.

With Apex Legends season four kicking off today, data miners have been sifting through the battle royale’s files for goodies. Data miner iLootGames discovered two potential Valentine’s Day weapon charms that may hit the store soon.

A new Nessy weapon charm is dolled up with hearts, bows, and a red rose in its mouth. Several iterations of Nessy have already been used as a weapon charm, including a Halloween-themed ghost charm. ILootGames also discovered a Nessy Valentine’s Day badge that may be available around the holiday.

And while it’s a common sight to see Pathfinder soar through the sky, this time he has some wings to help him out. The lovable robot plays Cupid in a weapon charm, armed with a bow and arrow.

Respawn hasn’t confirmed any of this information. But with Valentine’s Day less than two weeks away, Apex players will find out soon enough.

Season four, Assimilation, is now live, where players can test out new champion Revenant in all his deadly glory.