Apex Legends’ season 4 is now live

Get ready to play Revenant in a ruined version of World’s Edge.

Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends’ one-year anniversary is kicking off with a celebration and a prestigious guest today.

The battle royale’s fourth season is titled Assimilation and it just reached the servers after a much-anticipated wait. It’ll feature a new legend, an updated arena, more guns and skins, and plenty of other new additions.

Players can take a shot at Revenant, the latest playable character to join the fight, and carry the new Sentinel sniper rifle into battle. World’s Edge also went through a plethora of changes and will be replaced with Kings Canyon in mid-March. It’s open season for the Apex Games and it’ll be a big one.


The Synthetic Nightmare is finally making his way to the servers. The long-anticipated character was an integral part of the build-up to season four and will get his revenge on Hammond Robotics in the Apex Games.

He’s a simulacrum, a term used in Titanfall to define a robot with a human mind who still believes they’re human. Revenant felt tricked by his creators once he discovered his real form and embarked on a vendetta against Hammond Robotics. The legend made his way to the Apex Games as part of a veiled agreement between the company and the Syndicate, which organizes the competition, to contain the bloodthirsty robot.

His skill set is suited to an infiltrator and features a myriad of different skills. He can create a totem that will deny deaths in an area and poison bombs that will affect targets in a small area. He can also throw a device that disables enemies’ abilities for 10 seconds. If that’s the type of character to spark your interest, Revenant can be unlocked with legend tokens or Apex coins.

Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment

Sentinel sniper rifle

Assimilation will also bring in the new Sentinel sniper rifle, a completely new addition to Apex that has no counterpart in the Titanfall franchise. The bolt-action weapon has an intricate charge mechanic that allows players to consume a shield battery to deal extra damage.

The weapon is the second sniper to make its way into Apex after it launched after season three inaugurated the Charge Rifle. Despite having similar premises, the weapons are considerably different.

Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment

World’s Edge after the Harvest and the return of Kings Canyon

Players will drop into a different version of World’s Edge when season four starts. Hammond Robotics sent out a Planet Harvester into Talos and it had a cataclysmic impact on the arena. As a result of the extraction operation, Capitol City was split in two and the ship itself became a new POI in the center of the map where Fuel Depot used to be.

But don’t get too cozy with the updated map. It’ll only last for half the season. The new season will come in two splits and each part will be played on a different map. Kings Canyon is finally making a comeback.

Apex’s first map is scheduled to replace World’s Edge starting on March 24, when the second split in the season begins. It’s unclear if Kings Canyon will be affected by the Harvester as well or if players will fight in a more classic setting. The splits aren’t exclusive to casual modes. Each of them will encompass a part of ranked series three and players will get the chance to grind to the top on each map.

Screengrab via EA Games

Ranked Series 3, Master Rank, and new Apex Predators

The race to Apex Predator just became a lot more ruthless. Apex’s ranked series three will overhaul the rank, making it even more exclusive.

The title of Apex Predator will only be awarded to the top 500 players per platform on an RP basis. EA said that “it is possible to demote from Apex Predator back down to Master Tier” by falling behind the competition and players will have to fight to maintain their status as one of the most lethal legends in the game. The previous Apex Predator will encompass the new Master tier, accessible for players with over 10,000 RP.

The next ranked series will also feature two splits with a soft reset between them. After each half of the season, competitors will be demoted 1.5 tiers from their latest position and will have to climb their way up the ladder again.

Image via EA Games

A new Battle Pass

Assimilation will feature another Battle Pass. Based on previous iterations, purchasing it should cost 1,000 Apex coins (equivalent to $10) and have over 100 rewards of all types. The gameplay trailer also showcased some of the cosmetics and they seem to have a robotic motif. Players can level through the pass and find skins for Wraith, Lifeline, and Crypto, as well as the R-99 and Flatline.

Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment

Get the party started

It’s not a coincidence that Apex’s fourth season will be released on the game’s one-year anniversary. Assimilation will bring several game-changing elements to the game, but it’s also bringing in a party.

Players who log into the game between Feb. 4 and 11 will gain a gun charm, a dynamic loyalty badge, and bonus XP. The charm represents an origami version of a Flyer, one of Kings Canyon’s endemic wildlife that appeared heavily during the second season.

Respawn is also gifting its fan base with a dynamic gun badge that comes in three tiers. The badges become increasingly ornate at the higher levels and show lit birthday candles on top of a cake. It’s a perfect celebration.

Lastly, players will receive a 10,000 XP bonus on their first match of the day, obtainable every day of the week.