A new night mode could be coming to Apex Legends

Are you ready to hide under the cover of darkness?

Image via Respawn Entertainment

A new leak of Apex Legends’ game files by Twitter user AustinScriver may have revealed details about an upcoming mode that’s potentially coming to the game.

It’s called night mode, which would see Apex’s map descend into darkness. The only map that’s available to play in-game right now has no weather or day-night effects, so you’re stuck fighting in broad daylight.


There’s a large contingent of players who have been asking for a night mode to be introduced after a Reddit user posted concept images of how the map might look. The post has reached over 11,000 upvotes at the time of writing and has attracted interest from across the Apex community.

This leak comes from the same person who apparently found out that a flamethrower and placed turret item could be coming to the game in the future as well.

As always with a leak like this, everything should be taken with a grain of salt until Respawn officially confirms (or denies) the introduction of a night mode.