New Flyers could be coming to Apex Legends

One of them is called "French Fry" in the game's files.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends’ second season introduced tons of new changes and content to the game. One of these changes happened to be the addition of a new type of animal that players can interact with called Flyers. These creatures fly around the map carrying death boxes that are either blue, purple, or gold. When shot enough times, these flying creatures drop the death boxes and players can loot them.

But now, it was recently discovered that two new Flyers could be introduced to the game soon. Data mined files show two Flyers that look similar in build and shape, but different in color (blue and yellow). Additionally, the yellow one is considered “unique” and is even called French Fry in the files.

One fan who commented on the Reddit post about these creatures pointed out that the blue Flyer looks similar to the one that attacked Wattson in the season two trailer. Other users are speculating that these Flyers will potentially be added for the PvE enemy mode, or that they could potentially drop a certain tier of loot based on the color of their scales. The common consensus is that the Flyers may even be aggressive toward players, adding yet another potential threat to an already dangerous battleground.

Another user even went as far as to learn animation rendering in Blender to be able to show what the animations for these creatures would potentially look like if they’re implemented in the game.

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Whenever they’re added to Apex (if they’re added at all), these Flyers could have a major impact on the game. Whether they’re aggressive or passive, common or rare, be sure to look out for these new Flyers on the battlefield and maybe even get some loot from them.