New Apex bug teleports one unlucky player in Ash’s ultimate to the middle of the map

Beware the portal of an Ash on death’s door.

Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment

In a season littered with a plethora of comical bugs, Apex Legends players have discovered yet another unexpected interaction with Ash’s portal that sends one unfortunate victim hundreds of meters away from their team in an instant.

Reddit user u/zkjsamtu recorded their fate and the hilarious moment of confusion that comes from discovering an unexpected rift in space-time. One that takes them from the pinnacle of Trials to the lonely edge of Fragment West before anyone can process what has occurred.

The bug itself appears to come from the death of the Ash player that cast her ultimate. Surrounded by a full squad with nowhere to go, she opens up a rift in a last-minute attempt at a daring escape.

As zkjsamtu sidesteps into the now accessible portal left behind, their team finally defeats the Ash and causes her freshly used ultimate ability to despawn. This spells disaster for the player, now traveling through the void. They end up being abruptly pulled free from the portal but now sat high in the sky above the south corner of Fragment West. On the bright side, covering the vast ground that now lay between them and their allies isn’t quite so daunting with a Valkyrie ultimate ready in their back pocket.

Users in the comments detailed similarly peculiar experiences of teleportation with Wraith’s portal in earlier seasons, while others set their minds to planning out how this bug could be potentially utilized for impressive cross-map rotations. Whether or not it would be an easy fix remains to be seen. Considering it most likely comes from the fact that Ash’s ultimate is not persistent in the game world beyond her death, it could be a challenge to address.