Lifeline wipes Apex squad with one grenade and a single punch

A frag grenade here, a melee there, and a healthy dash of luck.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

The way Apex Legends is played has changed so drastically over the last several years, it’s sometimes easy to see old clips of the game and barely recognize the game at all. Other things, however, remain constant. And one of those things is the satisfaction of knocking an enemy with a frag grenade.

But wiping a full team with one grenade? That’s a different level.

Reddit user PenDisastrous9637 shared a clip featuring a young and relatively innocent Kings Canyon, featuring the lighting the map launched with, and no Octane town takeover on the western edge of the map. In fact, if it wasn’t for the Wattson running around on the drop ship, it would be easy to assume that this clip came from season one or earlier. 

However, once you get past the nostalgia, you get to the combat. And, even though season two was a simpler time for Apex gameplay, we have some serious bit of ingenuity on display here. Dropped onto the loot ship with another team and without a weapon, the Lifeline here throws a frag grenade on the ground in front of an enemy Wattson. The Wattson happens upon a weapon at that moment, and turns to fight the Lifeline. So the Lifeline does the only sensible thing: punch the Wattson.

It’s not the damage of the punch the Lifeline is after, however. It’s the knockback, taking the Wattson within the grenade’s blast radius. And it’s at that moment the Wattson’s teammates all round the corner.


This being season two, we’re still a long ways away from Evo shields and spawning into the game with white armor, so the explosion is enough damage to down all three shield-less enemies simultaneously.

A clean, simultaneous squad wipe. It doesn’t get more satisfying than that.