Legendary battle pass skins previewed for Lifeline, Bangalore, and Longbow in Apex season 8 trailer

Get your hands on the new content next week.

Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment

Respawn showed off three legendary battle pass skins in today’s Apex Legends season eight trailer—and they’re bad to the bone.

With a new season comes an exciting battle pass, complete with loads of fresh content. And it appears Mayhem's legendary skins will be for Lifeline, Bangalore, and the Longbow DMR.

Lifeline ditches the headband for a face mask in her Bad to the Bone skin, donning what appears to be a leather vest with wings. Radical Action Bangalore similarly looks like she'd fit right in with a biker gang, complete with circular shades and bullets draped over her front.

Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment

And players will spend season eight working toward the DMR X-1 legendary Longbow skin. The gun looks more militaristic with dark green and black hues. And fans who can get their battle pass to level 110 will likely be able to upgrade its projectiles since it's a reactive skin.

Apex season eight will debut next week on Feb. 2.